Great Ideas on Climate Change and Halloween

It can be spooky times for people concerned with climate change. However, with Halloween this weekend and the start of the holiday season, it is also important to also have fun and celebrate with friends. Here are some stories and tips I came across on what you can do to celebrate Halloween and still beContinue reading “Great Ideas on Climate Change and Halloween”

More Learnings From “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”

Although I finished Bill Gates “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” book a few months ago, I have been a little busy to get the learnings written up. In my last post I highlighted how emissions in US and Europe are going down, that electrification is critical, and the impact of manufacturing steel and cement.Continue reading “More Learnings From “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster””

Plant a Tree – Make a Difference

In the last few years I have planted 5 trees on our property. While this is not a huge number, the lot is relatively small, and the trees enhances the property value, and help beautify the street. There are lot’s of other reasons to plant trees including fighting climate change, cleaner air, reduce soil erosion,Continue reading “Plant a Tree – Make a Difference”

Composting and Your City

Many years ago, I composted and grew a garden with tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables. However, we moved from that house, had more kids, and had a disposal. So for no particular reason, I stopped until recently when I was re-introduced to it through the City of Newton composting program. The city makes it easyContinue reading “Composting and Your City”

My Approach to Offsetting My Airline Carbon Footprint

Determined to lower my carbon footprint by buying carbon offsets, I set out to determine the best options and tools. I have decided to focus on flights since I travel for work and airlines travel is by far the biggest contributor to my negative impact on climate change. The steps I set out to masterContinue reading “My Approach to Offsetting My Airline Carbon Footprint”