3 Things I Learned From “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” So Far

For the last couple of weeks I have been reading Bill Gate’s book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”. It is written in a very approachable way, and while in some cases very rudimentary in the explanations, it is an excellent book to bring the topic to a broader audience. It does a fantastic jobContinue reading “3 Things I Learned From “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” So Far”

You Are What You Eat

As we gathered for another Easter during Covid, and look forward to better times for family get togethers, I was reminded about good food, and what we eat impacts the environment. Normally, we would have lamb for Easter, and I must admit it is a favorite. It is well known that eating meats has aContinue reading “You Are What You Eat”

No Electric Vehicle? -> Offset Your Gas Emissions

A few weeks ago I wrote about electric vehicles and the importance if using 100% renewable energy as the source for charging, as well as the general accessibility of renewal electricity options. However, what if you don’t have an electric car and it is not feasible to buy one right now? What are the optionsContinue reading “No Electric Vehicle? -> Offset Your Gas Emissions”

Does Your Electric Vehicle Help?

There is so much excitement and innovation on electric vehicles and other power tools we use. Personally, the last car I bought was a Chevy Volt, and last year I purchased an electric lawnmower that is powered by re-chargeable battery. I would love to have a Tesla as my next car when my current SUVContinue reading “Does Your Electric Vehicle Help?”

Composting and Your City

Many years ago, I composted and grew a garden with tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables. However, we moved from that house, had more kids, and had a disposal. So for no particular reason, I stopped until recently when I was re-introduced to it through the City of Newton composting program. The city makes it easyContinue reading “Composting and Your City”

KnowCarbon Good News – May 9

I am always impressed with the innovation of people to tackle problems and come out stronger. Certainly, the current Covid-19 is challenging humankind, but the leadership that keeps its on on the big picture will help us all. Environment priorities in Denmark: Nature, climate and green agenda Germany Exceeds 50% Renewable Energy Use Milestone Harley-DavidsonContinue reading “KnowCarbon Good News – May 9”

Offset Your Carbon Footprint in 15 Minutes

There are many ways to help combat climate change, and in this post I will outline a few options based on your commitment level, time and available dollars. While offsetting your footprint is not nearly as good as reducing the overall carbon output, it is something that can be done very easily and quickly. ThereContinue reading “Offset Your Carbon Footprint in 15 Minutes”