Working From Home and Renewable Energy

Heading into week six of working from home, with everyone in the house on devices, and extra electricity being consumed I reflected on the renewable options available. I quickly came across the options for Newton, Massachusetts where I live. The Newton program is partnership with Eversource and provides consumers to select electricity that is 62%Continue reading “Working From Home and Renewable Energy”

Covid-19 and Our Carbon Footprint

The last few weeks have been trying for everyone, and I was also distracted, so I have not posted in a few weeks. I had started a review of various mobile applications to help manage my carbon footprint, but that quickly became less relevant with Covid-19. However, with countries shutting down, people not eating out,Continue reading “Covid-19 and Our Carbon Footprint”

Offset Your Carbon Footprint in 15 Minutes

There are many ways to help combat climate change, and in this post I will outline a few options based on your commitment level, time and available dollars. While offsetting your footprint is not nearly as good as reducing the overall carbon output, it is something that can be done very easily and quickly. ThereContinue reading “Offset Your Carbon Footprint in 15 Minutes”

KnowCarbon Good News – Feb 12

There are plenty of troubling articles on climate change, so I try to focus on the positive stories. Here are some of the great stories I came across in the past couple of weeks. Guardian to ban advertising from fossil fuel firms New TripIt Update: Your Carbon Footprint—at Your Fingertips Farmland Restoration Would Save 14.08Continue reading “KnowCarbon Good News – Feb 12”

My Approach to Offsetting My Airline Carbon Footprint

Determined to lower my carbon footprint by buying carbon offsets, I set out to determine the best options and tools. I have decided to focus on flights since I travel for work and airlines travel is by far the biggest contributor to my negative impact on climate change. The steps I set out to masterContinue reading “My Approach to Offsetting My Airline Carbon Footprint”

What I Experienced With The JetBlue Carbon Offset Program

Since I fly JetBlue, I was relieved to read about their commitment to climate change. They were one of the first airlines to implement a carbon offset program in 2008. They partnered with to both facilitate their passengers who want to buy offsets, but also in June 2019, announced they will be offsetting carbonContinue reading “What I Experienced With The JetBlue Carbon Offset Program”

KnowCarbon Good News – Jan 29

In doing my research came across a lot of encouraging stories about people taking actions. Personally, I find these energizing to read and learn how different industries, governments are taking up the challenge. Here are the stories I found most interesting. U.S. Emissions Dropped in 2019: Here’s Why in 6 Charts Governor Baker Makes MajorContinue reading “KnowCarbon Good News – Jan 29”

Fight or Flight?

Air travel makes up almost 50% of my carbon footprint, which makes it the place to start. I looked at a few factors to consider Which airlines I fly and what is their strategy and policy on climate change Airlines’ carbon offset programs Reducing overall air travel Interestingly, the output of CO2 per passenger mileContinue reading “Fight or Flight?”

Where Do I Start?

Over the past few years climate change has grown to be arguably the biggest challenge for us to address. It is getting much more coverage in mainstream news, while this is critical in our ability to combat it, it can be very distressing as we learn more. It gets politicized, but that doesn’t help resolveContinue reading “Where Do I Start?”