Consumption, Minimalism, and Climate Change

Over the holidays I came across “The Minimalists” through their 2014 documentary, “Minimalism: A Documentary.” It struck me as appropriate to explore, as while Christmas is a wonderful time to spend time with family and friends, and exchanging gifts can create happiness, it is also the perfect time to reflect on the “good things inContinue reading “Consumption, Minimalism, and Climate Change”

Water Water Everywhere…

This fall we had to build a new garage since a tree fell on the old one last year. We took the opportunity to upgrade the design, from the 1920’s steel garage from Sears. However, with the new garage, the roof slopes to the front of the garage and funnels water directly onto the drivewayContinue reading “Water Water Everywhere…”

No Electric Vehicle? -> Offset Your Gas Emissions

A few weeks ago I wrote about electric vehicles and the importance if using 100% renewable energy as the source for charging, as well as the general accessibility of renewal electricity options. However, what if you don’t have an electric car and it is not feasible to buy one right now? What are the optionsContinue reading “No Electric Vehicle? -> Offset Your Gas Emissions”

KnowCarbon Good News – Oct 9

With everything going on, we could all use more good news. Here are some of the good news stories on climate change I came across in the last few weeks. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Pledges 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 “First Blueprint” Lays Out China’s Path to Carbon Neutrality California to Ban Sale of NewContinue reading “KnowCarbon Good News – Oct 9”

Plant a Tree – Make a Difference

In the last few years I have planted 5 trees on our property. While this is not a huge number, the lot is relatively small, and the trees enhances the property value, and help beautify the street. There are lot’s of other reasons to plant trees including fighting climate change, cleaner air, reduce soil erosion,Continue reading “Plant a Tree – Make a Difference”

KnowCarbon Good News – Sept 2

Winding back to school and navigating the challenges of Covid-19. However, I have always loved September, as it represents a time to re-energize and kick-off new projects, and set some new goals. There are many challenges, but also many good things to learn about and get excited. Here are some of the stories I cameContinue reading “KnowCarbon Good News – Sept 2”

Can You Get 100% Renewable Electricity?

Accessing 100% renewable electricity is one of the most important shifts to helping solve the climate crisis. The shift to electric cars, the air conditioning to deal with the summer heat wave, and expanded use of re-chargeable computing devices are all gobbling up more electricity. According to the US Energy Information Administration, The highest levelContinue reading “Can You Get 100% Renewable Electricity?”

Does Your Electric Vehicle Help?

There is so much excitement and innovation on electric vehicles and other power tools we use. Personally, the last car I bought was a Chevy Volt, and last year I purchased an electric lawnmower that is powered by re-chargeable battery. I would love to have a Tesla as my next car when my current SUVContinue reading “Does Your Electric Vehicle Help?”

KnowCarbon Good News – Aug 7

I heard today people pondering the end of the summer – Wow! There are still officially 48 days left, and lot’s of time to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some of the great stories I have read in the last week on people and organizations making an impact on climate change. IIGCC’s Net Zero Investment FrameworkContinue reading “KnowCarbon Good News – Aug 7”