Water Water Everywhere…

This fall we had to build a new garage since a tree fell on the old one last year. We took the opportunity to upgrade the design, from the 1920’s steel garage from Sears. However, with the new garage, the roof slopes to the front of the garage and funnels water directly onto the driveway and sometimes back into the garage. What do to?


My contractor suggested gutters across the front of the garage, which will keep the water siphoned away from the front doors. The challenge is where to send the water, to avoid erosion on the side of the garage? Some quick searches, and I came across the Great American Rain Barrel Company. As I did research, I learned that there are several environmental benefits of rain barrels. From the Great American Rain Barrel Company here are 5 Great reasons to use rain water.

Based on data from the EPA, the average American family uses 320 gallons of water per day, about 30 percent of which is devoted to outdoor uses. More than half of that outdoor water is used for watering lawns and gardens. Nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third of all residential water use, totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day.

Rain barrels have the ability to save the average homeowner 1300 gallons of water. Water from barrels also creates healthy plants and soil since there are more organic nutrients. Finally, rain barrels reduce erosion. They can also reduce stormwater runoff, which can push excess nutrients from fertilizers, pet waste and other sources into rivers and streams.

We started by getting a couple of help the issues with the garage and if they work well, it will make sense to buy additional barrels for around the house. Many local communities offer rain barrel programs that fund the purchase, as the city of Newton.

Does a rain barrel make sense for your garden?

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