No Electric Vehicle? -> Offset Your Gas Emissions

A few weeks ago I wrote about electric vehicles and the importance if using 100% renewable energy as the source for charging, as well as the general accessibility of renewal electricity options. However, what if you don’t have an electric car and it is not feasible to buy one right now? What are the options to help fight climate change? Of course, the best option is to drive less, and with the pandemic, my travel has been greatly reduced. I have looked at few options to offset the gasoline consumption for when I do drive.

One of the options is the Green Gas card, which links to your back account and acts like a debit card, while creating offsets for the gas you buy. According to the Green Gas. “Each gallon of gasoline emits 18.9lbs of carbon dioxide when burned, regardless of the fuel economy of the vehicle. Using the Green Gas Card, it only costs $0.10 per gallon to offset 100% of the carbon footprint of that gallon.“ The advantage of the Green Card is that by using it to fill up your car every time with gas, you will completely offset your carbon footprint. The downside is you need to link the green card to one of your bank accounts, which some people may not want to do.

I also reviewed a number of mobile applications to help track your climate impact. There are lot’s of good options depending on your focus (shopping, diet, home energy, travel). I decided to test offCents, which is specifically designed to automatically track your carbon footprint related to travel. It automatically tracks my driving, and shows be the CO2 impact for each trip, as well as my cumulative balance. As with air travel, I decided to offset this impact monthly using You can also do it right through the offCents application, which may be more convenient, as I am not doing any airline travel right now. OffCents also has a set of programs that they support. I like the automated tracking capabilities, but it does require you share your locations, which is a downside some people will not like.

There are so many options, it is exciting to see how people can contribute. What are some of the organizations and techniques you use?

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