Plant a Tree – Make a Difference

In the last few years I have planted 5 trees on our property. While this is not a huge number, the lot is relatively small, and the trees enhances the property value, and help beautify the street. There are lot’s of other reasons to plant trees including fighting climate change, cleaner air, reduce soil erosion, support local wildlife.

There has been a lot of excitement and some concerns on the impact on planting trees on the environment. The World Economic Forum has launched a global initiative to grow, restore and conserve 1 trillion trees around the world – in a bid to restore biodiversity with “mind-blowing ability to help fight climate change. Generally, this is accepted as a positive step. However, there are counter-point stories that question whether it is enough. With headlines like “Can Planting a Trillion Trees Stop Climate Change?” it can be confusing. Reading through all the perspectives, the debate is less about the benefits from planting trees, and more about the feasibility of huge tree planting initiatives, whether planting trees will be enough, and if will distract from the ultimate solution which is to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero as soon as possible. However, no credible scientists claim trees do not have a positive impact on climate change.

Planting trees is relatively easy and can be cost effective. In my case I purchased the trees at Home Depot for $25-$35. The downside to this is while they have a good selection, Home Depot may not have the kind of tree you want. If you plan to plant trees over a number of years, they may not have the same species year to year. Another option is your local city government may have a program. The City of Newton offers free tree planting. However, due to the demand, city priorities there is a backlog which means it could take a few years to a tree through the city. Finally, contacting a local arborist or working with a nursery in your neighborhood is another fantastic option.

Another thing to consider it timing – when is it a good time to plant a tree. Some experts say it is best to plant new trees in late winter or early spring, other sources say you can plant anytime except dead winter.  I planned my trees throughout the year, and they are all healthy, a couple have grown to 30-40 feet in height. The key is to ensure the tree is planted correctly, and gets enough water and food.

In closing, I encourage everyone to find a few spots on their property where you can plant a tree. Determine the best time for you and the climate where you live and set a timeframe to plant some new trees.

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