Working From Home and Renewable Energy

Heading into week six of working from home, with everyone in the house on devices, and extra electricity being consumed I reflected on the renewable options available. I quickly came across the options for Newton, Massachusetts where I live.

The Newton program is partnership with Eversource and provides consumers to select electricity that is 62% renewable, or 100% renewable. For me to move from basic electrical service to 100% renewable represents a 4.3% increase. Based on typical monthly electrical bill of $250 this represents $10.80 per month, which seems like a very good investment for our future. Furthermore, major U.S. transmission projects moving forward to delivery renewable energy, which will create additional cost reductions.

This past year Newton announced a climate action plan that committed the city to be carbon neutral by 2050. It reminded me that cities and local governments are and can be have the biggest impact in the climate change fight. Based on this post from Sierra Club,  six cities in the U.S.–Aspen, Burlington, Georgetown, Greensburg, Rock port, and Kodiak Island–have already hit their targets. These six cities now generate 100% of the energy used community-wide from clean, non-polluting and renewable sources.

It is encouraging to see so many options, and action in Newton and around the country. There is so much information to sort through, and some great resources which I have linked to above. I encourage you to do the research in your area, and do what you can.

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