What I Experienced With The JetBlue Carbon Offset Program

Since I fly JetBlue, I was relieved to read about their commitment to climate change. They were one of the first airlines to implement a carbon offset program in 2008. They partnered with Carbonfund.org to both facilitate their passengers who want to buy offsets, but also in June 2019, announced they will be offsetting carbon for all domestic flights during the month of June. Finally, this past week I saw a press release that is very exciting announcing that JetBlue will offset carbon on all their domestic flights starting in July 2020.  What a fantastic, feel good story.

Great story and impressive that they have put their climate strategy out there. However, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. This week I flew JetBlue, and when I was on the flight I asked the flight attendant how I could buy carbon offsets, this is how the conversation went:

Me: I was wondering the best way to buy carbon offsets for this flight.

Attendant:  Sorry, I am not sure what you are talking about.

Me: Carbon offsets. JetBlue offers passengers carbon offsets to help fight climate change.

Attendant: Wow I have never heard of that, but it would be good to find out. in 4 years you’re the first person to ever ask.

When I got off the place, I asked a JetBlue employee at the gate. She also had no idea what I was talking about. Incredible – I guess they need a little employee training. Really, I was the first person to ask this flight attendant in 4 years!! I guess they could use some better consumer awareness as well.

How about adding it as an option to the check in process? They certainly have figured out how to see if I want get through security more quickly – $15, or want to pay to fly with my pet – $125. By no options to buy carbon offsets? Why not?

Here’s what you can do to help – next time you are on a flight, ask the flight attendant about buying offsets. Create some awareness! See if they even know what their airline provides. If you have extra energy send an e-mail to the airline’s CEO asking about their carbon offset program.

3 thoughts on “What I Experienced With The JetBlue Carbon Offset Program

  1. A quote from Greg Dalton, host of Climate One podcast
    I was traveling to a climate conference once on Virgin America and they have those, you know, sexy screens you order your sandwich and your drink and there was a carbon offset and so I pushed the carbon offset and the flight attendant came up and said here’s your drink, here’s your sandwich and looked in the cart and said I just can’t find this carbon offset. Well, no that’s like this thing to make me feel better for being here on this plane and he said, oh you’re the first person that ever ordered that before.


  2. Hello Brian:
    I am reaching out from JetBlue’s Communications team.
    Thank you for your thoughtful post on our announcement on carbon offsetting. We are always excited to hear from customer whose passion for flying and addressing the climate crises matches ours. Alsom, thank you for your attention to this important work and for your efforts to educate on carbon offsetting.

    We were sorry to hear about your experience onboard. We wanted to share details on why this might be. We announced our plans in January, but will be rolling out our offset program in full in July. Stay tuned to hear and see a lot more communications on this leading up to the launch.


    1. Tamara – thanks for reaching out. Great iniatives by JetBlue, would be worth additional investment in communicating to the staff, and to consumers. Not as helpful if it the best kept secret since 2008.


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